Excalibur - "The Story of King Arthur And the Round Table"
A Metal Opus in Twelve Chapters
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1. The Secrets of Merlin
2. Pendragon
3. Excalibur
4. The Round Table (Forever)
5. Morgana le Fay
6. The Spell
7. Tristan's Fate
8. Lancelot
9. Mordred's Song
10. The Final War
11. Emerald Eyes
12. Avalon
--. Parcival (bonus)
Chapter One:
"The Secrets of Merlin"
The time before Arthur's reign was marked by hatred, war, treachery, murder and greed.
But then a man appeared who could do wonderful things, and from that time on Merlin the Magician
was the driving force behind Britain's fate.
It was a time full of secrets and sagas.
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Chapter Two:
The story of King Uther and Lady Igerne (the Duke of Cornwall's wife), and of the birth of King
Arthur. King Uther was given the byname of Pendragon because of the night he conceived Arthur
with Lady Igerne, a star in the form of dragon appeared to him in the sky and the night was
bathed in a blood-red light.
On the battlefield I sharpen my claws, hunt my luck
I never knew what was the missing link, I haven't got
Until that day I saw her with her man at her side
I knew I had to have her, a conjuring trick and she'll be mine

Mighty drake
Tail of snake
All at stake
Earth will quake

Saurian eyes
Never cry
Hopes are high
Dragon fly!

Pendragon, Pendragon,
Stars split the sky
Pendragon, Pendragon,
Your fire conquers the night

To the castle where my bliss dwells the wings take me
I give away the fruit of her womb for her hearts key
Her husband killed in action when she gave herself to me
I deceived her and I fooled her but still she loves me

See the dragon, see him fly,
Feel the fire burning in the sky
See the dragon, see him fly,
Falling down from the sky
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Chapter Three:
The story of how young Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone, and of his ascent to the
throne. Arthur was a great and good King, and a noble and generous man. Equally worthy of
praise and full of mystery is the story of his sword, Excalibur, which could cut through Metal.
Unknown heir
Orphaned page
A King to be
Come his Age
For God's sake

Sword in Stone
Release will
Bring the Throne
For the Chosen One

The Almighty will point out
The only royal blood in the crowd

Sword of the kings
Take me on your wings
Back where I belong

Bound to fail
Noble Heart
Bound to gain
Challenge your faith!

Sword in Stone
Release it
Ascend the Throne and
Take the crown

The Almighty now throws the dice
Arthur the man without a vice

Precious Sword
Arthur's hand
He deserves
To rule the land
Lead Britannia

Excalibur lights up the sky
Hard times have been passing by
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Chapter Four:
"The Round Table (Forever)"
The story of Round Table. It was crafted of the finest wood in Britain. Around this Round Table
Arthur gathered the most valiant and noble knights in all the land. The ideals of the Round
Table were: Honesty, bravery, daring, magnanimity, being of service to the other Knights of the
Round Table, and loyalty. The names of some of the Knights of the Round Table were: Sir Kay,
Sir Balin and Sir Balan, Sir Parcival, Sir Gaiwan, Sir Tristan, Sir Irec and, of course, Sir
Lancelot. An important aim of the Knights of the Round Table was to find the Holy Grail.
Table of the finest wood
Mankind has ever seen
Without head and without foot
A sign of eternity

All knights are equal here
And so is even the King
Our swords point to its center
Giving us the power to win

Together we stand
Steel in our hands
Fighting forever
Forever we stand

Forever we fight
Side by side
Forever we stand
Forever we fight

Give us the wisdom - Almighty Lord
To make out wrong from right
Give us the will to choose the Right
And the readiness to sacrifice

We become free in serving each other
We're Camelots pounding heart
Round table of true brothers
Until death do us part
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Chapter Five:
"Morgane le Fay"
The story of King Arthur's half-sister. She was a sorceress, and was privy to the secrets of
Black Magic. It was because of her that Arthur found out about the relationship between
Lancelot and Guinevere.
She set Mordred against Arthur and played a key role in Arthur's life.
My ruby eyes can see
All secrets and stories never told
With shadows I dance
Sombre castle, Soul aglow
I have the power
I have the might
Morgane le Fay

When I felt my father death
The Dragon put my mother in disgrace
Down by the fireplace
Sowed seed of my evil ways

Don't mess with me
Do not cross my way
Or you may play a part
In my malicious game

I am the devil in disguise
I bring thr evil to your life
Listen, listen - listen what I say
My name is - Morgane le Fay

I spoil all happiness
I reveal unvarnished truth
Call me the Black Nun
I am invincible, I never lose
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Chapter Six:
"The Spell"
The story of Merlin and Nimue, one of Morgane's ladies in warning. She promised Merlin sex and
marriage if he would teach her his black arts. But Nimue just used him, and with his own magic
managed to cast a life-long spell on him, turning him into a rock. Many Knights seeking the Holy
Grail later said that they heard Merlin's voice. In any case, he was never seen again.
Love made a fool of me
I am betrayed by love
I let her in my secrets, my heart

I still fall for her beauty
And the smell of her skin
She gave a meaning to everything

There in the woods she taught me how to touch a girl
I taught her to enchant any person in the world

I feel my end is near
I think I have to die
I pay a high price feeling lust between her thighs

I feel my end is near
I thought I knew her well
How could I ever be cast under my own spell

And now my bride is gone
She finally sealed my fate
I love her more than life, and this is what she takes

A man with a broken heart
Lost the reason to live
Lost in despair with nothing left to give
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Chapter Seven:
"Tristan's Fate"
The story of the unhappy love of the Knight Tristan and the beautiful Isolde. Tristan was a
young and violant knight full of charm and pride who loved music and games. He was supposed to
ask for the hand of Isolde in the name of his uncle, King Marke. But love flamed up between them
- though it was their tragic undoing.
Braveness, courage, fortitude
Guide Tristan on his way
Hunting, fighting, risking all
There's no way he could fail
When he plays harp the angels sing
Enchanted by its melody
Falcons made obedient
No anger and no jealousy

But what's all the virtue worth
When the highest wish's refused
When desire's never stilled
And your love remains taboo
Some heavenly moments with her
Did fade away too fast
Now is the time to sacrifice
And to erase the past

Magic potion
Crystal clear
It's too late
Open lips and
Open heart
Tristan's fate

No escape, your fate is sealed
Your longing will never cease
Dream away and she'll be yours
Dream and put your mind at ease
Give her to another man
Your common roads do part
Destiny separated you
But forever melted your hearts
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Chapter Eight:
The story of Lancelot and Guinevere. Their love sealed the fate of the Round Table and plunged
Britain into a crisis. Arthur's first and most shining knight died in the last bloody battle
against Mordred (a version about Lancelot's fate).
I like to taste the wine
I swore to save the King
Two jewels I am devolted to
When the darkness closes in
I kneel before you, Arthur
For you I risk my life
I am your protector
And I do crave your wife

My life for you
My heart is true
Alive I taste
Forbidden fruit

My tongue speaks words
Of feelings deep
Another tongue
Than blood and steel

For the land and for the steel
For the Queen my love is real
I'd die for Englands rose and pride
I'd die for you my guardian light

I would sneak in her chamber
When she longs for me
And I would give her all
A man has to give
I go mad without her
Don't close her away from me
I free her from the tower
And take her home with me
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Chapter Nine:
"Mordred's Song"
The story of Arthur's avaricious nephew, who lusted after Arthur's kingdom, and then ensnared
and flattered him. Arthur trusted Mordred, and was fair to him and allowed him to do as he
wished. But Mordred abused his power and provoked Arthur into going to war.
Bound to ride to Camelot
Heading for the throne
Pretending integrity
Too late one will know
Day by day at Arthurs side
Playing his role
Day by day at Arthurs side
Closer to his goal

Warrior with royal blood
Longing for the reign
Descended from a witches breed
Witchcraft in his veins

Leader of the underworld
Ruler of the night
Deceiver of kings
Deceiver of knights
Keeper of the secret reich
Keeper of the light
I am Mordred King of the night

The nephew is a viper
No one realizes
His tongue spares the truth
His eyes hypnotyze
He injects the poison slowly
Starts to mesmerize
Gathering the troops around him
All are magnetized
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Chapter Ten:
"The Final War"
The story of the final battle between Arthur and Mordred. In the decisive struggle between
the two men, Arthur's lance pierced Mordred's breast from beneath him, and Mordred stabbed
Arthur in his breast with his sword. Mordred died and Percival brought the mortally wounded
Arthur to safety.
Finally their time has come
Face to face on the battlefield
The King's here to judge the deceiver
Open wounds, no riot shield
The seed of hate is bearing fruit
Grapes of wrath of evil root

Blood against blood
Black against white
Dark hanging clouds
Time's running out
Blood against blood
Mingeling stream
Fate will decide
Who has die

War was their life
Traces of pain
All for the reign
The final war

Spirit of life
Fading away
The final day
The final war

The final war

The King stabs the deceiver
His blood drips down the spear
Warning all the power-hungry
The last thing he could do
With Morgane crossing the sea
In Avalon he may find his peace
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Chapter Eleven:
"Emerald Eyes"
The story of the love between Arthur and Guinvere. Lying on his deathbed, Arthur sings of his
desperate love, Guinvere's beauty - and that he forgives her for all she has done.
You're a precious girl
In a tragile shell
With a rose coloured skin
And a roses smell

Your long golden hair
Reflecting the light
Your Emerald Eyes
Twinkle like stars in the night

Your smile shines brighter than the sun
Your smile shines brighter than the sun

You are my queen
Choose who is worthy of you
You are my queen
Your warm heart's shining through
You are my queen

I forgive and forget whatever you do

Your body divine
From me you don't hide
The flame of desire
That is burning inside

Your ivory hands
Opened me the gate
To the meaning of life
Where love conquers hate

Your smile shines brighter than the sun
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Chapter Twelve:
The story of Arthur's final resting place, the journey to the Fairy Island, the sword of
Excalibur, which Percival bequeathed to the Lady of the Lake. It is still not known today
where King Arthur lies.
On the way to Avalon
Excalibur will go on
Saved from the evil, true to the drake
Kept by the lady of the lake


Enchanting land of Fairytales
Heavenly mysteries are unveiled
Close your eyes and just dream on
Giving shelter from the storm

Sail away into the misty grey
Under escort of Morgane le Fay
Silently sliding on the sea
Abandoning mortality
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