Grave Digger history
Band (Heart of Darkness era)

Nov. 1980: GRAVE DIGGER was formed / festivals

Nov. 1983: recording the sampler ‘’Rock from hell’’

Jan. 1984: Recording the 1st album ‘’HEAVY METAL BREAKDOWN’’/Noise Records;

March 1984: Release of „HEAVY METAL BREAKDOWN” Big success in Europe, the most succesfully debut for a Heavy Metal band inGermany

Sept. 1984: Recording the maxi-single SHOOT HER DOWN for the USA / Noise Records

Nov. 1984: Release of the „SHOOT HER DOWN“ maxi-single; some festivals with SINNER WARLOCK, RUNNING WILD, etc

Jan. 1985: Recordings to the 2nd album “WITCH HUNTER” / Noise Records

März 1985: Release of „WITCH HUNTER”

Mai 1985: Tour with HELLOWEEN

Aug. 1985: TV-Show „LIVE AUS DEM ALABAMA“ / Munich

Dec. 1985: Recordings to the 3rd Album „WARGAMES“ / Noise Records

Jan. 1986: Release of „WARGAMES“

Febr. 1986: Tour with HELLOWEEN and CELTIC FROST

Nov. 1986: Recordings to the 4th album “STRONGER THAN EVER” / Noise Records “Grave Digger” change name to “Digger”

Dec. 1986: Release of „STRONGER THAN EVER“

March 1987: The Band split up

June 1991: Reunion of the band. The name: Grave Digger

July 1991: Recording the four-track demo: “RETURN OF THE REAPER”

Apr.-Jun 92: Tour in west germany

Sept. 1992: Recording the maxi-CD: „FOR PROMOTION ONLY“

Jan. 1993: Tour in east-germany

Jan. 1993: Contract with „Warner/Chappell“ Germany

May 1993: Jörg Michael join in the band (RAGE, HEADHUNTER, MEKONG DELTA, RUNNING WILD)

June 1993: Contract with GUN-Records/BMG Ariola

Nov. 1993: Release of the comeback-album: “THE REAPER”

Dec. 1993: Contract with BMG, Victor, Japan

Jan. 1994: Headliner-tour in germany

Febr. 1994: Recording the EP “SYMPHONY OF DEATH”/ GUN Records, Release of “The Reaper” in Japan. Chart-entry on position 7

March 1994: Shows with “MANOWAR” in Cologne and Berlin

April 1994: Release of „SYMPHONY OF DEATH“ in Japan

Mai 1994: Frank Ullrich (ex HOLY MOSES, LIVING DEATH) join in the band

May/June94: Tour with „RUNNING WILD“ in Germany

Dec 1994: Recording the 6th album „HEART OF DARKNESS”

April 1995: Release of “HEART OF DARKNESS”

Mai/Juni 95: Headliner-Tour in Germany

Juni 1995: Summer-Metal-Meetings

Sep. 1995: Drummer Frank Ullrich leaves the band

Dez. 1995: Stefan Arnold (ex-Capricorn) join in the band

Mai 1996: Recording the 7th album “TUNES OF WAR”

Juni 1996: Travel to Scotland with jounalists and TV. Make the “Rebellion”-videoclip

Sep. 1996: Release “TUNES OF WAR” Tho most successful album of Grave Digger

Nov. 1996: Tour with Rage in Japan

Jan. 1997: TUNES OF WAR Tour Germany / Swiss / Italy

March 1997: Sold-Out shows in Greece

April/May 97: Tour in South America Argentina / Brazil

June 1997: Sensational consert on the „GODS OF METAL” Festival in Mailand / Italien

August 1997: Short-tour (four shows) with the new bassplayer Jens Becker. Big show on WACKEN 97

Feb/Mach98: Recording the 8th album „KNIGHTS OF THE CROSS“

Mai 1998: Release of the “KNIGHTS OF THE CROSS” album

Aug 1998: div. Headliner Festivals in Germany

Sept. 1998: Festivals in der Swizz/Italiy, playing the „Bang your Head Festival“, shows with “Iron Maiden” and “Helloween"

Jan 1999 Headliner tour in Germany

Feb 1999 Tour in Spain. Big success

May/June99 Recording the 9th album „EXCALIBUR“

June 1999 Mastering at Masterdisk, NYC

June 1999 Shows on the „Bang your Head“ , „Mind over Matter Festival, and „With Full Force“ festivals

Sept 1999 Release of « Excalibur »

Jan 2000 “The EXCALIBUR Millennium Tour 2000” in Germany and Swiss

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