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Deus lo Vult

This is the fascinating tale of the Templars, propably the most powerful and mysterious organisations of the Middle Ages. The Order of The Poor Knights Of Christ and the Temple Of Salomon, originate from a group of nine Aristocrates, whose sole aim was the protection of  of the Holy Land.So let su undertake a journey into the past, back to the origin, rise and fall of the Order of the Templars. A journey, which will lead as to the legendary world of the Knights of the Cross

Chris Boltendahl       :   Vocals
Uwe Lulis              :  Guitars
Jens Becker            :  Bass
Stefan Arnold          : Drums
Knights Of The Cross - 1998

1. Deus Lo Vult
2. Knights of The Cross
3. Monks Of War
4. Heroes Of This Time
5. Fanatic Assassins
6. Lionheart
7. The Keeper Of The Holy Grail
8. Inquisition
9. Baphomet
10. Over The Sea
11. The Curse Of Jacques
12. The Battle Of Bannockburn
Kill the King (Bouns - Japan Import)
Children Of The Grave (Bonus - Digipack)

Knights of the Cross - Lyrics

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